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Hi there! This is my third 'published' game and is incredibly fleshed out compared to the last two. Screenshots and video are not up yet but they will be sometime soon!

This game is a 1-4 player twin stick shooter. It features random level generation, dynamically increasing AI, 4 player drop in and out, random weather, time of day, random shops, and more! It's very early in development so be weary of bugs, but I think it's coming along nicely. 

Controls: (Controller only at the moment)

Select -> Join Game

Left Stick -> Move

Right Stick -> Aim

Left Bumper -> Interact (use)

Right Bumper/Trigger -> Shoot

Right Stick Click -> Flashlight

A(X) -> Jump

B(O) -> Switch Weapons

Y(Triangle) -> Drop / Pickup weapon

X(Square) -> Reload

Start -> Disable fps counter

Again this is very early in the project so expect things not to work perfectly. The progression is quite difficult with only one player but you get a lot more cash so it evens out. I plan to add different types of zombies, more level pieces, and more guns. 

If you did download this please take the time to give me the slightest of feedback, any little bit counts~


More information

ALSO BECAUSE ITS A PROTOTYPE I don't have UI for a lot of things so here's what you need to know if you play it.

- There is a revive mechanic, when your teammate dies press the interact button ten times while close to them. (you will get $100)

- When all the players die you have to restart the game, I haven't put in end conditions yet :)

- Don't fall off the map, nuff said.

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AuthorTrevor H.
TagsArcade, Co-op, party-game, random, Zombies


TM.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run ThanksMike.exe

For best results run through steam and set the controller config to default gamepad.