Zombie Wave Survival v0.2 Alpha Released!


Update v0.2 is a major overhaul to the game. See the changelog below for all additions and changes. As always, if you see a bug or want to give feedback on the game, press F12 at any time. Good luck out there survivors! (You're gonna need it...)


  • General
    • Added outlines to interactable objects
    • Added sounds to almost everything in the game
    • Added a delay between rounds and at the start of the game
  • Weapons
    • Finished first pass on all 15 weapons 
    • Added ammo reserves for weapons
    • Added the ability to buy ammo for weapons at 1/2 the price
    • Changed how the default weapon works to allow the player to switch to it easier
    • Added despawning to weapons on the ground
    • When buying weapons it now automatically ends up in the players hands
    • Added a mystery box 
    • Added grenades that the player can use
      • The players will gain 2 every round up to a maximum of four
    • Added out of ammo click sound
    • Added buying sound
    • Did a first pass on weapon balance and costs
    • Disabled colliders on wall weapons to prevent player from getting stuck
    • Added knockback effect on ragdolls when killed
  • Player
    • Fixed an issue with zombies easily pushing the player outside of the map
    • Fixed an issue with players not being able to revive easily
  • Controls
    • Fixed issue with buttons not registering properly
    • Fixed issues with keyboard support
  • Zombies
    • Added 6 powerups that can randomly drop from enemies killed inside the level
    • Added a max zombies alive cap
    • Implemented first design pass on zombie health, speed, and spawn count
    • Implemented design changes based on number of active players
    • Now spawn based on players location in the map
  • Map
    • Implemented buyable walls that connect parts of the level together
    • Implemented first design pass on the map
      • 8 different zones that can connect in different ways
    • Added mystery box and many more buyables to the map
  • UI
    • Added on death UI
    • Added dying UI
    • Added game over UI
    • Reworked in-game player UI
    • Added an effect when the player earns points
    • Added announcement text when certain events occur
    • Added controls to  the main menu
    • Weapon cost UI is now different per player

Until next time!


ZWS_Windows_v0.2.zip 40 MB
Aug 28, 2019

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