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Prototype 2

(Side note: I recorded and started to upload a video of me playing 13 rounds but I didn't look at the file size before I went to bed. Well turns out I was recording it in 4k so it's 34Gb, and consequently still uploading. I'll remove this statement when the video is done processing.)

Hello hello! I'm currently developing a top down version of a zombie survival shooter that draws heavily from COD Zombies. The current build is an extension of my original prototype but more fleshed out and refined. 

You can download the project below. In it's current state there are 23 weapons and unlimited rounds set alongside a very WIP map. I plan to actually make good maps for this, however I am considering procedurally generating maps so it might be some time before that gets implemented. 

Also disclamer I did NOT make the models or animations you see in this game. They were made by Polygon Blacksmith. If you're in need of some awesome assets you should really check him out.

And as always I'd love to hear your comments, questions, bugs, or concerns at FyxeINC@gmail.com

Happy playing!

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and run the Prototype2.exe file!


Prototype2 20 MB


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hey man its good but can you change the weapon select to the mouse wheel or maybe the 123 keys just a suggestion man cause its hard to reach tab sometimes