A downloadable Prototype for Windows


(Video is outdated as of 10/20/2017)

Hey there! I'm currently in the process of making a top down rougelike and I wanted to really refine the player controller. I am uploading this build because I would really like your feedback and thoughts on how it feels so far, as well as any bugs you can find. Hope you like it!

UPDATE: Added zombies and added better death ragdoll effects :) 

Also disclamer I did NOT make the models or animations you see in this game. They were made by Polygon Blacksmith. If you're in need of some awesome assets you should really check him out.


Enter             = Quit
P                 = Begin spawning zombies
ESC               = Pause time (kinda lol)
WASD              = Move
Space             = Jump
Ctrl              = Crouch
E                 = Interact/Pickup
T                 = Wave
C                 = Toggle 'in combat' (changes some stances)
TAB               = Change weapons
LeftClick         = Attack/Shoot/Punch
MiddleMouseButton = Throw current weapon

There's not a ton to do but there should be enough to let you get a feel of the motion. Try all the melee weapons out. They're all different weights so some can be thrown better than others. They also all have their own individual knockback values, so  some pack a lot more punch than others, others however can attack faster. Try throwing some weapons at the square targets to see if they stick. When the target or the dummys turn red it means you've damaged them. Press P to start spawning in zombies! They're all pooled so it shouldn't lag over time either.


Prototype 19 MB

Install instructions

Extract the files from the .zip and run 'Prototype.exe'

Remember that ESC pauses time and ENTER quits the game

Development log


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Hey i left you my outlook so if you comeout with another prototype ill be glad test it


im doing a youtube video on this for sure

oh please send me a link when you do! If you follow the project on itch.io it will send you a notification when I update it. I’m currently in the process of creating better AI for friendlies and scarier enemies.

You should do one on this one instead :) https://fyxe.itch.io/cod-zombies-prototype

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Holy Damn well look if you add a map to this it shows great potential i also like the little wave you do by pressing 'T' its shows great online potential. keep giving me updates man my outlooks Gtaddicted@outlook.com YOU ROCK

Thanks man! I'm in the process of adding some zombies and expanding the test level a bit. Check back tomorrow and it should be updated with things to fight! How did it control? Did the shooting feel natural or hit/miss?

yeah i really like  the controls 

Thanks man! I think you'll really like the new build of the game. It's got an actual level now! Check it out if you get the chance https://fyxe.itch.io/cod-zombies-prototype