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(Disclamer: This  is a PvP multiplayer prototype .)


Conquest is an online medieval strategy game reminiscent of RTS games from times past. 1 to 4 players battle for supremacy, using different units and tactics to conquer their opponents. 

Players start the game with limited gold and a handful of units. Exploration is key, as neutral units and encampments can be destroyed and reclaimed, offering additional resources on your road to victory. Be warned, as these options exist for your opponents as well...

Note: The game is recommended to be played by 2-4 people. While singleplayer is possible, it has not been designed for. 


WASD / Mouse  -->  Camera Movement

Left Click + Drag  -->  Unit Selection

Right click  -->  Place Building / Give Orders

B  -->  Open / Close the build menu

R  -->  Attack command modifier. (Use R + Right Click to command units to attack move)

Q/E  -->  Rotate Camera

T  -->  Reset Camera Rotation

Space  --> Toggle Camera Position

Scroll Wheel  -->  Zoom in / out


All programming done my me.

Online multiplayer solution is Photon BOLT.

Unit/Building models and animations are from the Toony Tiny RTS asset pack by the incredibly talented Polygon Blacksmith.

Terrain textures were created by Alex Lusth.

Trees and doodads were created by Kenny NL.


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idk if this game still in development or not but if it is then id like to suggest a few things. The two biggest problems right now are AI and catapults. I want to address catapults first cause its easier to explain. Catapults are way to powerful in the sense that it kills both enemy and ally units. This includes itself. I think it best if the splash damage on the catapults was fixed. The AI is a different story and something id suggest you work on if your still working on this is the computer AI. I noticed that while i was playing by myself that the other three teams dont have the capability of doing anything bet standing there. That and when i tell my troops to go somewhere they dont just stop as soon as they reach the waypoint. They start going in circles and spazing all over the place. If you did those two things i bet this game would start to go somewhere. That is, if your still working on it.

Hi there Dentenoe, unfortunately this project is no longer in process but I appreciate the feedback! 

The catapults are certainly an interesting unit. I wanted to create something that would be very effective against infantry, but I also wanted them to not be "Instant Win" units. This led me to the design decision to enable friendly fire. It's certainly different from most RTS implementations, but I think the high micro management required to use them effectively is a good trade-off for their large damage and AOE.

The AI is something that I wanted to work more on, but since I was starting with a prototype I decided not to actually establish. Their code is quite literally just "AI.Spawn()" and ends there. 

I don't think I'll ever come back to finish this project, but I am happy with where it currently is. I learned a lot about how RTS games work and I think the small art style really came together.  

Again, thank you for playing!